November 8, 2015

Supply Chain Innovations

ComorAID21- A rapidly deployed Supply Chain Technology Toolkit for healthcare networks and government agencies that assists with COVID-19 Vaccine distribution and inventory management. Download our white paper.

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ComoRaDeS21 | A Rapid Deployment Solution for your Enterprise Supply Chain

ComTrak21- A Track and Trace Solution that provides End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility from Supplier to End Consumer including “Last Mile Delivery” powered by BlockChain the “Truth Machine” – Transparent, Accountable and Immutable Transactions

Some of the other Comorin Technologies deployed product innovations include:

  • Development and deployment of a mobile App for SAP Delivery Picking w/ Visual Pager Integration from Open Yard after PDI and vehicle rollout in the Automotive industry.
  • Mobile App deployment for Purchase Document Approval in SAP
  • A Desktop Web App for Sales Order Automation
  • Desktop Web App for a vehicle crankcase pairing system that included Visual Pager Integration in the Automotive industry
  • Vendor Barcode Integration of various standards with SAP RF Receiving for Patient Billing transactions for a major Maryland Hospital’s Radiology and Cardiology Department.
  • HIBC (Health Industry Barcode – UDI and Labelling Standards set by Health Industry Business Communications Council) integration with SAP RF Receiving and Shipping Transactions.
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