Mobile Applications


RSPC Remote

RSPC Remote is a mobile app that can be used to monitor SAP® Process Chains.

SAP provides standard tools like emails on failures, RSPCM and CCMS Alerts to monitor process chains, but there are times when you want to check the status of process chains, or restart a process chain while you are away or do not have access to your computer. RSPC Remote was created to solve that.

You can find more details at

RSPC Remote is available for iOS and Android devices.


PD Approval

Purchase Documents(PD) – Purchase Order(PO) and Purchase Requisition(PR) approval app can be used by approvers who are on the move.

PO and PR approval app is available for iOS and Android, Windows and Blackberry devices


Custom Mobile Apps

We work together with our customers to develop custom mobile applications to increase production of their employees. We use industry standard tools and framework to develop apps. We make sure that the apps follow industry guidelines, are user friendly and provide great performance without consuming a lot of memory. We work hard to develop highly secure apps.